What if you could have difficult conversations with clarity and confidence,

so you can stop stressing, and get the results you, and your team, want.

So often, what we want is on the other side of a difficult conversation. More effective teams. More satisfied employees. More service and value going out into the world.

What if you could...

Remove the Drama

Take out the drama in order to address the real issues, and get what you want.

Focus on What Matters

Tap into a framework that gives you structure so you can focus on the details and relationships that are important.

Develop Your Voice

Use your own unique and authentic leadership style and voice to empower yourself and those around you.

Hi there, I'm Becky!

I love being a manager. I loved the people on my team. I love mentoring and coaching. I loved seeing what we could accomplish as a team. But it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows. 

You see… I loathed difficult conversations.

So, I would put the conversations off. Or, I would play them over and over and over in my head, spending way more time stressing about the conversation than actually having it. Meanwhile, the issues would go unaddressed, while I swirled in a sea of anxiousness and worry. These were not shining leadership moments.

This is exactly why I developed a process to take the “difficult” out of difficult conversations. My five-step framework helps you master any difficult conversation. Whether it’s with direct reports, supervisors, coworkers, or customers and clients, this framework will allow you to have any discussion with confidence.

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